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L. Ron Hubbard

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Two new studies

Two new studies I'm excited about.

                          The "Fruit Bowl and Tiles" is an interpretation I did from a reference photo I took for a previous still life done in the Fall. The original was done in oil and was done from the actual still life.It adheres more strictly to "real life". In this one, I decided to play with color and form. I particularly like the way different colors that are the same value or tone can be overlaid, as in the purple shadow over the blue shadow, lower right.
The second one is a loose interpretation of a landscape. I particularly liked, in the original photo, the bright trees reflected in the water. They are the stars of the show.


Stephanie Lizmore. said...

I love your second painting. The colours are so bright and eye catching. :)

fadwa said...

all paintings show extraordinary talent.I liked them all