"ART is a word which summarizes THE QUALITY OF COMMUNICATION. "
L. Ron Hubbard

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Doing some thinking about "art"

I realize that I got busy and neglected this blog. I have been doing some thinking about "art" and its place in my life.

I have wondered what the next step is. I occasionally sell, but certainly not enough to call it a "living". I continue to produce, but don't have enough outlets to share all my creations. I show, but I don't really "seek out" marketing opportunities.

Is it time to call myself retired? I hesitate when an application form requests "profession: _____". Meanwhile, I continue to move forward — hesitantly — in the path of being an artist. It's not a bad goal. It's just not my only goal.

Early this month, picking up paintings that weren't selected for the show at the Art League, I checked out what was included in the show. Much of it I could give a pass to, but there were several I would have liked to purchase (if I were rich enough and in the business of collecting art.) Several days later, talking to my artist friend Jack, he opined that "art" or "painting" was the only thing worthwhile. Now, I don't agree. I believe that I have some responsibility to help change the future of this planet. I think that we are in grave difficulties, as a species. We continue to act in horrible ways towards each other, we continue to destroy our natural resources. Millions of people die unnecesarily, and (what's saddest) they might have been — any one of them or all of them — important catalysts (scientists, artists, leaders) to change the future of the world.

No, art may be my avocation, but I am blessed, I think, to be in a position where I have discovered the technology that can change the future for the better, and I have some obligation to try to get that across to others. What am I talking about? Scientology. You may have heard of it. You need to look for yourself. I recommend you start with: scientologytoday.org