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L. Ron Hubbard

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Acrylic "How-to" with my paintings included still available

Earl Grenville Killeen included my work as one of 20 artists illustrated different approaches to the use of acrylic in his book, The North Light Book of Acrylic Painting Techniques, authored for North Light Books, in 1995. I thought that it was out of print years ago because North Light took it off their active list. However, I recently located it, reissued in 1998 and for sale on Amazon.com. You can order this book, new ($17.99) or used (from $7.37 -- but watch out for the shipping costs before you hit the order button) at Amazon.
In this book, he includes 20 different artists, illustrating 20 different approaches to the use of Acrylics. It's very instructive for those artists approaching the use of the acrylic medium as it gives you an overview of some of the very different ways to handle this medium.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Upcoming Coulter show: July 2007

How time flies. I've been preparing for a show at the Reston Community Center from July 3 - Aug 8, 2007 and you'd be surprised all that goes into that. It's a big gallery space (often holding shows of more than 100 paintings.) This is a one-person show, and I will have approximately 60 paintings in it. That means that I have had to make sure each is finished, signed, glazed, framed, priced, and catalogued. And I have ordered post cards to send out far and wide. I should do press releases, and I have yet to finish going through my mailing list and paring it down to 500 people.
This show will be a retrospective called: Water Forms, from 1965 to 2007. Since early in my art "career" or "avocation" I have been fascinated by water and the many forms it takes. Ninety-nine percent of the paintings will have water in the painting. A few I included because they refer to water, such as "Sink in Athens" or "Watering Can".
This is a small reproduction of the painting that will go on the postcard. It's called "The Beauty Spot III" and is of a location just a short hike west of the western-most parking lot at the Virginia Great Falls National Park.